Bat Shaving

Bat shaving also known as “wall thinning” is a process that involves removing the end cap and reducing the inner diameter of the walls which will greatly increase the trampoline effect that takes place when the bat makes contact with the ball.  It is important to keep in mind the break in period on a bat; whenever you have a bat shaved it should always first be ROLLED through the BAT DOCTOR.

BEWARE of bat shaving frauds…… has been known that people offering bat shaving services only roll the bat and send it back having you think they had an experienced professional shave your bat using high tech equipment.  Other things to look out for; are people using drills and abrasives which is a process that is very inconsistent and WILL NOT give you the performance and advantage you are paying for.  When someone offers the service for $85.00 or less you know that’s exactly what you are getting.  When you get your bat back from these frauds and don’t experience BOMBS that amaze the competition or your bat breaks prematurely you will wish you had it done by experienced Professionals at the BAT DOCTOR.

The correct process to shave your bat involves first removing the end cap and using a lathe that is suitable for the application.  The bat gets placed in the spindle bore of the lathe and rotates at high speeds and a boring bar is automatically feed into the bat shaving a very precise amount of material off the inner walls.  With this process we at the BAT DOCTOR can guarantee a consistent and accurate shave throughout the barrel of the bat giving you the flex and pop you want.  We have the ability to shave as little as .05 ounces up to 2 ounces of material off,  we strongly recommend never shaving more then 2 ounces off of any bat.  The weight that is removed can be replaced through a process called End Loading.

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